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Your privacy is one of our primary concerns. 加州雇主协会(CEA)尽一切努力为您提供一个安全、私密的环境. This 隐私政策 tells you what information we gather and how we use it. It applies to the following CEA website: 雇主.org和本隐私政策被认定为适用隐私政策的任何其他网站(统称为“CEA网站”). For the purposes of this 隐私政策, "Business 合作伙伴" means any subcontractor, 供应商, 或与我们有持续业务关系提供产品的其他实体, 服务, 或信息.


We may ask you to provide personal information when you:

  • 使用东航网站.
  • Request 服务, support 或信息.
  • Place orders for products or 服务.
  • Participate in surveys, sweepstakes or other promotional activities.
  • Share CEA content through social media.
  • Subscribe to newsletters, download white papers or other materials.
  • 新伟德注册页面.

Information we may request includes, 但不限于, 你的电子邮件地址, 的名字, title, address, 电话号码, 社交媒体公众资料, or business/company information. If you make a purchase, we may ask for your credit card number and billing information. 您可以填写的表格将表明所要求的信息是必需的还是可选的.

We also collect information about your visits to CEA Sites, 包括您所查看的页面, 你点击的链接和广告, 你输入的搜索词, and other actions you take in connection with CEA Sites and 服务. 除了, we collect certain information from the browser you used to access a CEA Site, such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, 浏览器类型和语言, 访问时间, 将您推荐到CEA网站的网站的统一资源定位器(URL)以及您浏览的网站.

在您与CEA网站的交互中,为您提供更加一致和个性化的体验, 通过一个来源收集的信息可以与通过其他CEA资源获得的信息相结合. 我们也可以从其他方面获得信息来补充我们所收集的信息.

Some CEA offerings may be co-branded and offered in conjunction with another company. If you register for or use such offerings, CEA和其他公司可能会收到与联合品牌服务一起收集的信息,并可能根据各公司的隐私政策和与您的其他协议使用这些信息.


CEA uses your personal information to:

  • Deliver the 服务 and support or carry out the transactions you have requested.
  • 发送通信给你, such as your transaction status (for example, 订单确认), information about products and 服务, 优惠, 和调查.
  • 定制, 分析, 改进我们的产品, 服务, 技术, communications and relationship with you.
  • 保护CEA站点、我们的业务或我们的产品或服务的安全或完整性.
  • Otherwise, as disclosed to you at the point of collection.


CEA与业务合作伙伴共享您的信息,以执行您请求的交易, 为您提供服务, to provide you with information you may find useful (for example, partner discounts and advocacy updates), to customize 改进我们的产品 and 服务, so that you can share through social media, 和/或更新记录. 此外,我们可能在法律要求或保护我们的权利时披露您的信息.

Collection and Use of Children's Information

CEA Sites are not directed toward children. We do not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13 years. If you are under 18 years of age, 未经家长或监护人的明确同意和参与,请不要通过CEA网站提交任何个人信息.


CEA网站使用“cookies”让您登录我们的服务,并跟踪您的流量模式. A cookie is a text file that is placed on your computer's hard drive. Cookies帮助我们个性化和改进CEA网站,使您可以有一个愉快和富有成效的体验. 您可以设置您的浏览器在接受cookie或拒绝cookie之前发送警告消息. Check your browser for instructions on how to handle cookies. 如果您选择拒绝cookies,您可能无法使用CEA网站的所有功能.

Online Behavioral Advertising by CEA and Others

CEA还与第三方广告和个性化合作伙伴合作,使用cookie帮助我们在您访问CEA网站和其他网站时显示个性化内容和适当的广告. These cookies identify the pages you view, 你点击的链接和广告 on, other actions you take on those web pages, and the site from which you came before arriving at a web page. This also helps us measure the performance of our advertising campaigns.

类似的, 第三方使用cookie在互联网上向您发送CEA以外的公司的广告, whether you are on CEA Sites or other websites, based on your visits to CEA Sites and other websites. These cookies assist the third parties in identifying the pages you view, 你点击的链接和广告 on, other actions you take on those web pages, and the site from which you came before arriving at a web page.


请注意,虽然您可能有能力选择退出目标广告通过 http://www.networkadvertising.org/choices 链接,您就可以通过web浏览器控制cookie的使用,如上面“cookie和跟踪”部分所述, 一些网页浏览器可能会让你启用“不跟踪”设置,当你浏览网页时,它会向你遇到的网站发送一个特殊的信号. 这不同于通过拒绝浏览器设置中的cookie来禁用某些形式的跟踪, 因为启用了“不跟踪”设置的浏览器仍然有能力接受cookies. CEA does not respond to web browser "do not track signals" at this time. If we do so in the future, we will describe how we do so in this 隐私政策.


你收到的一些营销信息, 包括电子邮件营销, may also be personalized based on your visits to CEA Sites. 除了, when you click on some links in the email 市场营销, our email service provider may place a cookie on your browser. 此cookie将链接到您的电子邮件地址,并用于收集有关您在CEA网站上查看的产品和服务的信息. 收集的信息可能用于个性化和定制未来的电子邮件营销信息,您收到. 您可以选择退出接收电子邮件营销通过点击在您收到CEA的电子邮件信息中提供的取消订阅链接.

Notification of Privacy Changes

CEA reserves the right to change this 隐私政策 at any time. 当有变更时,它们将立即发布到CEA网站上,并附上修改后的生效日期. We encourage you to periodically review this 隐私政策.




CEA认识到您对使用银行和信用卡信息的网络商务和交易的担忧. 因此, CEA致力于通过对所有涉及使用信用卡或银行信息的直接交易使用安全的SSL加密,在商业交易期间确保个人信息的安全.




Policy Guidelines for Editorial Content

The goal for editorial content on CEA and 雇主.com is to be accurate, fair, complete, and ethical. We are committed to a policy of editorial neutrality. Although content contains information about legal issues, the content is not intended to serve as legal advice. 用户如对法律问题有具体疑问,应咨询法律顾问.

CEA is not a law firm and does not dispense legal advice. 因此, conversations with CEA are not attorney-client privileged. The information CEA provides via forms, 电话, written messages (such as email and letter) is informational and educational in nature, and not specifically tailored to an employer’s needs. 东航并非保险公司,亦不对因雇主人力资源事宜而引致的任何索偿或行动负责. Employers use our information at their own risk, and in conjunction with their own legal and human resource advisors.

Content from External Sources and Links to External Sites

来自外部来源的内容,如果不是由本网站的编辑人员生成的,将被标记以表明信息的来源. Content on the site may contain links to non-CEA (employer.org)内容. These links do not constitute an endorsement of the linked content and employer.org does not guarantee the accuracy of the linked content.

Corrections and Clarifications

We are committed to quickly correcting any factual errors or errors in interpretation. 编辑人员将处理任何错误带来他们的注意,并作出适当的 修正 尽快. 这包括拼写错误,以及事实或信息错误,在档案文章已发表后确定. The goal is to correct all content so no errors remain in our permanent archive. 我们还将提供 澄清 在这种情况下,, 在我们的判断, the wording or the headline on an article may lead to misinterpretation.


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